Products for Self-Study

Langenscheidt Sprachkurse mit System

Die Intensiv-Sprachkurse

A system for success! This practical language course with its clearly structured lessons and comprehensive explanations leads the learner steadily to the objective. Ideal for beginners and those returning to learn.

Langenscheidt Lernschmöker

Crime, thriller, fantasy, women's and historical novels for adults that wish to brush up on their English in an entertaining way.

Langenscheidt Kommunikationstrainer Business English

The Business English Communication Trainers, which each come on an audio CD, bring your language up to speed for the job in no time. Approx. 70 minutes of intensive audio and spoken training on an audio CD.

Langenscheidt Grammatiktraining

This grammar trainer contains over 150 exercises on the most important grammar points and comes with a detailed answer key. It is the ideal supplement to the Langenscheidt grammar series.

Langenscheidt Grund- und Aufbauwortschatz

Approximately 9,000 words and phrases divided into basic and extensive vocabulary. Level A1 to B2.

Langenscheidt Grundwortschatz

Langenscheidt Grundwortschatz provides the ideal tool for acquiring the most important vocabulary in the relevant language.

Langenscheidt Kurzgrammatiken

The ideal quick reference guide for brushing up your language skills or preparing for an exam.

Langenscheidt Audio-Kurs

Der Sprachkurs zum Hören

Language training for on the road. Conversations and vocabulary on two audio CDs to listen to an repeat. Booklet containing all the texts to follow whilst listening, as well as exercises and a brief overview of the most important grammatical points.

Langenscheidt Übungsgrammatik

Langenscheidt Übungsgrammatik

The Langenscheidt Übungsgrammatik gives a quick but extensive overview of the grammatical subjects. Extra exercises to deepen grammatical basics and final tests to control your progress.

Langenscheidt Grammatik - kurz und schmerzlos

A new concept with a communicative approach: the focus is on everyday use of the language, not the rules. A multitude of exercises enhance the learning effect. The ideal grammar guide for beginners and those seeking to brush up their language skills.

Langenscheidt Sprachkurse " 30 Tagen"

Der schnelle Sprachkurs

A compact self-study language course for beginners of any age group who want a solid basic knowledge of the language as well as those seeking to brush up their language skills.

Langenscheidt Komplett-Grammatik

This standard reference manual contains all the most important grammatical topics for levels A1 to C2 as well as many extras including original texts, level-based tests, exercises, tips and tricks.

Langenscheidt Premium-Kurs

Der Sprachkurs, um Sprache und Kultur zu erleben

This comprehensive course with online tests, authentic dialogues and effective exercises makes language learning an extraordinary experience.

Langenscheidt Sag’s auf ...

Die 1.000 Wörter, die man wirklich braucht

Here you'll learn the 1,000 most important words that you really need. These make up 80% of the words you'll find in everyday texts! Perfect for acquiring a basic vocabulary, repetition and revision. With practical examples.

Langenscheidt Vokabelbox

Erfolgreich Vokabeln lernen mit 800 Karten

These vocabulary boxes contain 800 learning cards listing all the vocabulary for levels A1/A2. Each entry contains phonetics, an example of usage, and the German translation. Ideal for self-study.

Langenscheidt audio vocabulary builder for beginners

2 x 10 Stunden effektives Wortschatztraining

The ideal vocabulary builder for those who like to learn through audio. There's plenty to discover! All words and phrases in both language directions, with or without easy-to-remember example sentences for intense training or quick revision. For everyday use, travel and work.

Langenscheidt audio vocabulary builder for advanced learners

Über 6 Stunden effektives Wortschatztraining

The audio trainer for advanced learners looking to expand and consolidate their vocabulary. The approximately 5000 words, phrases and example sentences for everyday use, travel and work are professionally spoken in the source and target language by native speakers.

Langenscheidt vocabulary picture by picture

This new approach of learning the vocabulary of a foreign language with amusing pictures is great fun. Pictures are easy to understand and evoke emotions, which makes them memorable.