Phrasebooks, audio training and dictionaries for travelers

Langenscheidt Universal-Sprachführer

Die wichtigsten Sätze plus Reisewörterbuch

The universal phrasebook includes up-to-date vocabulary, typical conversation situations, common sentence structures, possible replies and interesting tips.

Langenscheidt Sprachführer

Die wichtigsten Sätze und Wörter für die Reise

Sentences, words and cultural tips covering all the important holiday situations.

Langenscheidt Reisewörterbücher

Indispensable basic vocabulary for travelling. This travel dictionary offers between 18,000 and 20,000 key words and phrases in the handy mini-format.

Langenscheidt Audio-Sprachführer

Für alle wichtigen Situationen auf der Reise

Words and expressions for all of the most important situations travellers may come across.

Holiday language course

Der kompakte Sprachkurs mit Buch und 2 Audio-CD's

This holiday audio trainer teaches you the basics you need on holiday quickly & easily. The 2 audio CDs allow you to practice pronunciation and listening comprehension at any time and anywhere. Many exercises & the main grammar topics at a glance.